New Year, Do you.





Kaylah-Burton-Nasty-Gal-Vest-Case-Scenario-ASOS Chunky Sweater With High Neck And Moving Rib -Zara-Lace-up-heels-NYC-Fashion-Bloggers

Kaylah-burton-Style-Me-Twice-ASOS Chunky Sweater With High Neck And Moving Rib

Call me cliche but there’s something about the start of a new year that holds such hope, expectation and excitement.

No matter where we are in life there’s the feeling that things can only get better from here. To have what seems like everyone holding this hope and high aspiration for the future at the same time feels so magical and beautiful to me.

This year I have so many goals and hopes from the mundane (cut down on UBER spend lol ) to the intentional and life altering (spend more time investing in my career goals and to put my 5 year plan into action).

But most importantly, I just want to become to best version of myself this year. From fitness (going to finally put this Classpass to good use) to blogging my best to learning new skills. What are you striving to do and most importantly to BE this year?

Let’s hold each other accountable.

Push each other when we don’t feel like it.

Encourage each other to keep striving and fighting like hell to be the women we’ve always wanted to be.

Who’s with me?

Vest | Sweater | Jeans | Heels (similar) |Bag 


Photography: Lydia Hudgens Photography 

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